Pokemon go is all the rage these days and there are a lot of things that people don’t seem to know. These will mostly be beginner tips but they are helpful either way.

Nearby button and footprints

When you go to your nearby button near the lower right part of the screen, you can click on it and see the pokemons that are near you. If you see multiple pokemons on that screen, you can select which pokemon to track. You would see footprints and they would actually represent how far you are from the pokemon. Three footprints would mean that a pokemon is 300 meters away from you, two footprints for 200 meters and one footprint for 100 meters or less.

How to catch Pokemon easily

Most would actually just throw Pokeballs at a Pokemon and try to hit them with it. But there seems to be more to it than that. When you encounter a Pokemon, you would see a colored around it. Most Pokemons will have a green ring and what you need to do is to go closer and wait for the ring to be smaller, once it becomes smaller, it will be easier to catch that Pokemon. Rarer Pokemon would have a orange or red ring, you would just need to calm them down to make them easier to catch. You can also use berries or other items to calm them.

How to get more experience

There are several ways on how to get more experience, the easiest one is to do a curve ball when you catch Pokemon. To make a curve ball, you would hold the Pokeball and make a rotating motion and flick it towards the Pokemon to catch it. If you are able to catch the Pokemon, you would get the normal experience for catching Pokemon and gain the bonus for doing a curve ball.

Making Pokemon Stronger

As you go ahead on your adventures and catch more Pokemon, you will be able to encounter a lot of the same Pokemon. These Pokemon will take up some space but you can make them useful by turning them into candy. You just transfer them and Professor Willow will turn them into candy, which you can use to level up or evolve your Pokemon.

Special Moves

Battles are in real-time and you do so by tapping on your screen to attack and swiping left and right to attack. You can also do special moves when your blue tap meter builds up, you can find the meter on the upper left corner of your battle screen. This will be useful for surprise last minute comebacks.

Catch Pokemon even without moving

Pokemon Go uses the real world as the Pokemon world and they use this by using Google Maps. They would need to render the game world by using the data that they got from Google maps and their own servers. There would would a delay in the data transmission. Basically, you can walk for a few 100 meters or so and then stand still for a good 5 mins and chances are , you can detect Pokemon near you.

Use evolution to revive Pokemon

You can actually save your revive items since when you evolve Pokemon, they actually get revived at full HP.

Server errors

There a lot of problems with the server right now, it might be because of the overwhelming amount of players, there are a lot of instances that that game hangs or crashes and when you open the app, you might lose some data like your Pokedex data. For all generally problems with the game, you can actually just close the app then relaunch it. And all your data should be intact when you come back.


You don’t actually have to be on your phone to be able to detect Pokemon, you can actually leave it on and put it in your pocket or you can hold it and it will vibrate when a Pokemon is detected. This way, you can actually be safer when you walk around. You can also turn on the power saving option, so that the screen can be off and it will consume less battery,  but it would be pretty obvious that Pokemon Go will still use a lot of power since it requires you to keep your mobile data and GPS on to make progress but a simple power bank should be a good solution for this.