So I recently started playing Ingress, and I’ve been discovering new places. It was funny since I also found someone with a very familiar codename. I went ahead and conquered some of her portals since we live in the same town. So after I claimed her portals, I chatted with her on Facebook and she replied that it was really hers.

Being on different factions is fun since it would be a friendly competition. But bottomline is, I’ve been enjoying Ingress and I’ve been forced to go out more so I could find more places. I’ve found several spots that I would normally not go to.

And since it’s the weekend, I was supposed to meet with my friends and on the way there, I was also able to hack several portals. It was funny since it felt like a drive-by. I was hacking on the commute. As long the portals were in range, I didn’t even have to stop.

I also found some peculiar places that were portals. I really have no idea why these places became portals. I am kind of curious how Niantic sets these places as portals. I’ve seen several murals on the street and there are also statues or other art forms. Anyways, Ingress is a great of combining gaming and adventure in real life. I would definitely play it while traveling, I might even use it so I can decide which places to go. Till next time Adventurers!