Do you want an unstoppable deck? Then this deck is for you. This would an expensive deck that would require a little bit of self-control. This deck would mainly focus on the Pekka for pushes and would also equip you with enough defensive cards to make sure that your towers would survive long enough as this deck would really shine during double elixir time. It has been very hard to lose with this deck and it seems to be fairly easy to learn.


Deck Composition

  • Pekka
  • Wizard
  • Witch
  • Elixir Collector
  • Barbarians
  • Fireball
  • Zap
  • Spear goblins

Pekka – This will be your tank and main tower destroyer. It is currently very good use since she had the damage increase from the last update. She can wreck towers if left alone and monsterous when paired with a supporting splash troop.

Wizard – An amazing high damage mid HP card with a lot of wave clearing power. Since the Pekka is easily distracted, having him around will make sure that your Pekka will be able to reach the enemy’s tower with ease.

Witch – Another card that has also been recently buffed. She has splash damage same as the wizard but can also spawn skeletons every 7 seconds or so. She has a lot of synergy with the Pekka as her skeletons can protect the Pekka enough to be able to reach her main target.

Elixir Collector – This will be an expensive deck and the elixir collector will make sure that you will have enough elixir to be able to use your combos and wreck havoc on your enemies towers. This is also a great card to use when you don’t have a great combo to play and as well as a good distraction when you place it in the center.

Barbarians – The best card to counter high hp troops and hog or prince decks. They can also act as a secondary tank or as a good split pushing card when left alone.

Fireball – The Pekka can be distracted by barbarians or other buildings, a well  placed fireball can easy turn the tide. A high level fireball can even one shot enemy supporting troops or secure a tower for the win so never go without this card.

Zap – Handsdown the best spell in the game, for a two elixir card, it can one shot squishy distractions or even reset attacks with its one second stun. You can even use this to reset the inferno towers and even sparky.

Spear goblins – Extra anti-air troop that you can also use to support your other troops but mainly as a cheap card to reshuffle your deck.

Counter play

  • Giant decks – Use fireball or the supporting troops and drop the barbarians on the giant, you can even use zap + fireball on the supports.
  • Hog rider – Drop barbarians in front of your tower. And you can even use witch if they are not available. And as a last resort, you can also distract him by placing the Elixir collector in the center.
  • Royal Giant decks – use fireball on the supports and use the Barbarians to kill him, you can even distract him using the Elixir collector.
  • Spawner decks – Drop your witch behind your king tower so she can spawn enough skeletons then you can opt to drop your Pekka near the bridge.
  • Giant balloon – Distract with Elixir collector or you can also use the witch + spear goblins for the balloon and use the Barbarians for the giant. Your main priority is to kill the balloon first as it does more damage.
  • Sparky decks – use zap then drop Barbarians on it. You can also use Pekka as it can survive the shots and place supporting troops on the opposite direction.

Overall gameplan

Try to be patient and try to know your opponents deck. This would be an expensive deck so make sure to use your elixir wisely. The best way to start is by placing enough elixir collectors and making sure that your opponent will not be able to stop your Monsterous push. You might need to play defensively especially when you are against cheap decks but this decks is packed with a lot of tools to counter cheap decks.


Once you place an elixir collector down and you see that your opponent has gone for a giant push, you can gamble and try to counter it by placing your Pekka behind your king tower so that the battle would be on your side of the map. The Pekka can usually defeat the giant easily and since I had zap ready, I will also be ready to clear any cheap distractions that he can place down. And to make it elixir efficient, I have  placed down the witch to stop his attack and as well as to start my counter push.

wp-1470032345064.png And as you can see, we were able to shred through the giant very quickly. And I saw that he sent a hog rider on the other side, so I greeted him with Barbarians. And since I already had the counter push started, there is nothing left to do but to say goodbye to his tower. And as you can see here, cheap low hp decks would be no match against this deck. If he still had the giant, he would be able to distract me from destroying his tower.


From there, just keep placing down Elixir pumps and try to use the best cards and try to use his attacks to your advantage. From there, I just kept on countering his hog push with Barbarians and just continued with my Witch + Pekka combo when I feel that he has low elixir.

This is a simple deck to learn and it would be very unstoppable once you have a monsterous push going. So bottomline is just make sure you have enough elixir collectors. And if you have enough elixir, you can even use the Pekka + Witch + Wizard to make it even more unstoppable. Just make sure that your opponent doesn’t have a Valkyrie or a fireball, as it can easily kill or weaken your push. But if the three of them can target the Valkyrie at the same time, she would be gone in one combo. And when you are against an inferno tower, just use your zap to reset it. There you go, you can try this one out and good luck and have fun Adventurers!