Challanges and Grand Challenges are one of the best changes that have come to Clash Royale. Winning at Grand Challenges seem to be the best way to get more cards and they also have the best value to your gems. The matchmaking seem to be random but it actually isn’t.

There are times that you get matched with a higher skilled player and there are also times that you get matched with easier foes but there seems to be a way to work around the system. You can actually do something in order to get matched with easier opponents and reap those sweet rewards.

Challenges follow the same format; You get matched with an opponent and it ends when you get 12 wins or 3 losses. And you also get more cards and more gold everytime you win. And the way to get easy wins is to lose a few matches and then just win the rest.

I know it seems to be quite expensive on gems but there is a different way to look at this. Grand Challenges cost 100 gems and Classic Challenges cost 10 gems but Grand Challenges give more per win. And if you win at least 1 in any of those Challenges, the rewards given would already be enough to break even.

So back to the technique…You can just choose to win 1 match from the Classic Challenges and throw the other matches to give you a bad matchmaking score. And it seems that you only need to lose 5 matches in any challenge in order to achieve a matchmaking score of -5 but it would be all up to you.


I’ve tried it and it has been working.. I was matched with Players from arena 6 and arena 7 and bear in mind that I’m already in a higher arena. So basically it was easier for me as I already had better mechanics and a better understanding of the game. And these players also have bad matchmaking score.


But bottomline is, just get better at the game first…find a deck that you are most comfortable with and any match would be easy for you but this technique sure helps you the best chance to reap more rewards from challenges. It will also work when you lose in normal battles but you really would not want to drop trophies. I wonder if this technique would also work in friendly battles but most likely friendly battles won’t affect matchmaking.