The Clan Chest feature has already been added to the game. Here, clanmates will be helping each other gain more rewards. It basically works like a crown chest, but how clanmates will need to work together and earn more crowns to raise it to the next tier to earn more rewards. Crowns earned from ladder matches will fill up both your crown chest and the clan chest.

The clan chest will be a permanent feature and will refresh every beginning of the season. Each season would start every 14 days but players will be able to work on the clan chest for only 7 days. Only player that are in the clan at the beginning of the season will be able to contribute and get rewards from the clan chest. And if you leave your clan within those 7 days, you will be put on cooldown will subsequently not be able to receive rewards from the clan chest.

A clan chest will have a maximum of 10 tiers and with each tier comes more rewards. At tier 1, the clan chest will require 100 crowns and each tier will require an additional 50 crowns. After 7 days, the clan chest will be opened without any cooldown.

As each player will receive the amount of cards, it would not matter how many crowns each member has contributed. However, only players that have contributed at least one crown will be able to get the rewards from the clan chest. The number of cards that a member will receive would the same regardless of what arena they are in but the type of card that a player will receive will be based on the arena that they are currently in.

Earning the clan chest is somewhat easy as it would only require players to earn 10 crowns per day in order to reach the top tier clan chest. It would be the same as working on their crown chest everyday. This is definitely the best feature that they have added so far and it really encourages people to play and rack up those wins. There is a method that I am currently experimenting on in order to work on that clan chest easier. You make check it out here in this link. Feel free leave any comments, and follow me for more gaming updates and tips. Clah on and happy adventuring!