The clan chest is a good way to inspire clanmates to push and gain more trophies. You can get information about it here. You get more rewards as you work on it and get the top tier chest. However, it might be hard at times to get those crown easier so I began experimenting on a way to get more crowns.

It has been a bit harder to get more wins in the higher arenas but lately it has easier to maintain my trophy range. So I’ve decided to drop trophies and just get more wins on my way up to my original arena. But while dropping trophies, I had to make sure that I get at least one crown while letting my opponent win in the end. You would just need to defend long enough in order to get at least one crown and just basically give up after that.

I have gotten tons of crowns so far and my method has been proven to be effective as I am already back to my original trophy range. This is also a good way to experiment on decks and not feel bad after losing. Just try this method out. It has worked for me so far. You can even create a new account and work on your clan chest as well but just do that for the next season as only members that have stayed in clan at the beginning of the season will be able to contribute to the clan chest. Clash on and happy adventuring!