The Electro Wizard challenge will be coming up in a few days. And it is currently the best event that would come on Clash Royale so far. In this challenge, you will be able to use the Electro Wizard a week before he gets released and you will need to use him in your deck and as well as gain access to cards that you don’t have. I have been experimenting on paper what decks would be good on him. The first deck that I’ve come up with will be a Royal Giant Deck.

I have already had enough experience with him and he seems to be a solid pusher. He can be hard to counter and can still survive long enough to deal damage to the tower even when countered.

Deck Composition :

Royal Giant – He is a strong pusher which only targets building but you will need to bait out his counters from time to time as he costs 6 elixir and you may be shutdown if you don’t have the right cards to support him with.

Electro Wizard – He is a fast attacking troop that deals zap damage when deployed. He stuns opponents when he attacks and attacks two targets at once. Although he deals area damage when deployed, he does not have a splash attack. He can also be shutdown by a fireball. So you may want to bait that out first.

Ice Golem – A great defensive card that can act a mini tank and can also be used to lure opponents.

Fireball – My favourite damage dealing card that can wipe out clumped up troops. Most of the time, you may opt to use this to against his defensive troops when they get deployed near their tower to get more value.

Zap – Use this to clear swarms of low hp troops or to reset troops attacks. You can even use this on defensive troops deployed near their tower to gain more value and as well as to let your Royal Giant get an additional hit.

Barbarians – This is a good card to counter tanks and as well as the best card to deal with the popular elite barbarians. You can also use these guys to bait your opponent’s fireball so you can safely use your Electro Wizard to support your Royal Giant.

Mega minion – You would usually use this to deal with supporting troops after they get locked on to ice golem.

Princess – A good splash attacking supporting troop that can also provide chip damage at a distance.

The gameplan:

It would usually depend on your starting hand, you would need to look for good combos but if you don’t see good combos, you may need to play it defensively at first. But you would also need to gauge your opponent’s playstyle. If your opponent goes for the aggressive start and starts a massive push, you can deploy the Royal Giant on the bridge on the opposite lane especially if your opponent deploys expensive cards like the Golem or Pekka.

You can even start with a princess on the bridge if your opponent doesn’t want to make the first move. Throughout the match I would usually cycle my cards by deploying the ice golem or mega minion from behind my king tower just to make sure that I would have at least a fireball or Barbarians on hand.

Once you have a good read on your opponent’s tactics and deck composition, just play your counters and deploy the Royal Giant once you gain a good elixir advantage. The main playstyle of this deck is counterplay.