I really felt silly last night. I had a big problem with computer and I finally fixed it. I had my laptop for years and I never had any problems with it. But about almost a month now, I would suddenly not be able to click on anything. But it actually had a very simple solution.

It was quite frustrating as I would not be able to click anything out of the blue. But I had a simple workaround, I could still use the keyboard. It was easy as I’ve gotten used to navigating with just the keyboard. But I still needed the mouse for other functions and for games as well. So for about a month, I’ve been using system restore and after each restart I would be able to use the mouse again.

At first, I thought it was because of a virus. But when I checked services and processes, I wasn’t able to see anything new. So basically, It wouldn’t be a virus. So the next possible cause would be a hardware problem. Seeing as the laptop is kind of old, it would seem highly probable. But since system restore seems to fix it, It wouldn’t be a hardware issue then. So the next culprit would be a driver problem. But as I’ve checked, everything was updated.

So I thought to myself, system restore works..so might as well stick with it. But it wouldn’t be that convenient if I had to wait for a few minutes everytime the problem occurs. So I was desperate to find a more permanent solution. But then again, there should be a good explanation why the problem occurs and there should be a simpler solution.

And as of last night, I decided to check the mouse. And it turns out there is a simple solution for the problem. And a very silly reason why I wasn’t able to click. I am using a usb mouse for my laptop. And it has 5 buttons. And as it turns out, one of the buttons actually got stuck! It would probably be due to one of the times that it fell. So yeah felt very silly, for a flat metallic object and fixed the jammed button. 

Lesson learned, check for permanent solutions and don’t overlook simple things. A simple solution to an alarming problem.