I’ve been working in the city for a while now. And it’s been hard getting home from work. It was okay when I had the night shift as I had a lot of options for getting home. But I’ve been on the night shift and it’s kind of different from what I’m used to.

The night schedule gave me many options for commuting. And it’s mainly due to less cars on the road. During the day shift, most of those routes had too much traffic. And a lot of people trying to get home as well. There were a lot of instances where I had to stand for a long while just to get a ride.

Riding a V hire from the mall seems to be a better option. Since it’s air conditioned and the ride is smoother with fewer stops.The vehicle is still packed but at least it’s more comfortable and I also get sure seats. There is a small line for the spot but it beats standing in line and competing for a spot for a rough jeepney ride.

And since I felt hungry, I also got a little snack from a new food stand. It tastes good and it is quite affordable. So that concludes my post for today. Looking forward to my next adventure this weekend.