Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that’s what most would say. But since I had to commute during rush hour, breakfast seems to be a difficult task to accomplish.

My schedule has gotten me faced with a dilemma, where should I insert cooking breakfast. I could either take some from my sleeping time or risk getting caught in the rush hour. I live pretty far from the city so getting a ride 30 minutes earlier will make a big difference in my travel time. 

I just found a viable solution for today. I would get some bread from the bakery in my first stop and then get breakfast from the pantry in the office. It might seem kind of costly but it helps me maintain a better mood and it also gets me more energy for the commute. The second breakfast also gets me well needed energy to survive the earlier half of my shift. I am still thankful that my schedule is not that shifting as I would have enough time to adjust and develop a good routine. I am still hopeful for a more convenient schedule but for now I am happy. And looking forward to what the future brings and to more adventures.