I’ve been wanting to start traveling a lot more. So for this weekend, We just decided to go bohol. It feels nice getting a change of scenery from time to time. I’ve spent a lot of time in the city because of work. Although I have access to the beach near where I live but jumping to another island seems like a good idea as well.

I’ve been to Bohol a few times but this weekend, I was able to see it in a new light. This time, We decided to stay in Panglao. It really made me feel more like a tourist as the place really came alive at night and we also did different activities this time.
From the port, We didn’t know where to stay as we weren’t able to book ahead. But thankfully, We have access to relevant information via our smart phones so we were just able to search for viable places to stay in. There were a lot of good places to stay in but we wanted to be thrifty as we were only staying for the weekend and basically just needed a place to leave our things, take bath, charge and sleep. So we were staying at the Moon Fools hostel. They offer bed space at P 300 per head. They basically go for a dorm kind of set up which was totally fine but since we speak the same language there I was able to get us a private room at P 1650 plus the P 100 per head deposit.

The place was able to provide us what we basically needed plus free wifi and lite breakfast. But it just kind of felt different as the place was full of foreigners so we were basically the only Filipino guests there at that time I guess. So anyways, the next thing we had to figure out was food. There’s a lot of places to eat in but they were mostly tourist priced. So it kind of felt like a waste if we eat the usual dishes at a more expensive price. But we were able to find a place just near where we were staying which offers good food at a comfortable price. Little did we know if we actually walked just a bit further, We could’ve found more places that have more affordable food. But I was fine with it.

So on our first day, We decided to walk to the beach. We were staying pretty close so waking wasn’t an issue. The beach looks so inviting. It’s clean and the ambiance is just too good. There’s also a lot places near the beach. And weirdly enough, I was able to notice a lot of Thai food places. There are a lot of restaurants in Panglao and there were also a lot of seafood. Oh man! Next time, We should try out the crab or the seafood or bbq buffet.

At night I decided to chill at the Reggae Bar. It was fun, had to go drinking alone as the rest of my companions were sleepy since we went to Bohol after their shift. But it was Okay. Talked to some people in the bar and had a few beers near the beach. Just chilling to reggae music at that time.

So for the next day, got coffee and light breakfast in the place that we were staying in. And then since we were still hungry, We decided to walk a bit further to look for food. We found a cool place named Binalot. They serve delicious Filipino meals packed in banana leaves. And they also have a Karaoke machine so we were singing while waiting for our breakfast.

And then we rented a bike in the afternoon and went exploring around Panglao. We found new places that we could’ve eaten in but I’ll take note of them for the next time. There’s a lot of things to do in Bohol. I’ve been there a few times and I’ll definitely come back again. Transportation seems to be a bit of an issue since it’s kind of more expensive to get around in Bohol compared to Cebu. But the important thing is that I enjoyed my trip. I definitely felt that I had a very productive weekend. And looking forward to the next adventure!