I had an unfortunate experience a couple of weeks back. And this could possibly be one of the worst things that could happen to an individual at this time and age –I lost my phone. The worst thing about it is not just the fact that I lost my device, I also lost my games ( the ones synched to the cloud is fine), I also lost access to portable music and convenient internet access and the fact that I had to update security on all my accounts.

I had a lot of apps in my phone. Some I needed for work, some games and some utility apps for anything else. The biggest loss that I am facing now would be the loss of access to some of my accounts in my phone. My accounts were linked to my phone number so access to some of my my accounts like my google accounts would require a verification code for me to be able to login to them. And since I do not have access to that phone number, I am faced with a big dilemma.

The struggle to regain access to my gmail accounts

I needed access to my gmail accounts in order to gain access to my old emails and as well as to gain access to my apps. And the worst thing is, i had my gmail linked to government ID’s or work credentials. I can’t stress enough how important it is regain access to my account. I hade to go through the recovery process and now waiting patiently for 3-5 business days for a reply from Google. I had to remember roughly  when I created the gmail accounts as I was feeling confident about my passwords.

A difficult choice

I have access to some other emails that I use for signing up for other accounts,games  or any other purposes. I need to have access to the my blog, social media accounts and applications for my PC and my next phone. I am currently contemplating on creating a new email or I may choose to try to regain my old Google accounts. Google has a pretty straight forward recovery process, I should probably find a way to contact customer service and would prefer to have email or chat support before I resort to calling them.

Moving forward

Security measures are good but as I am fully aware of, there would be certain weaknesses to any system. I use prepaid lines for my phone as I don’t really text or call as often as I used to when I was in school. I mostly use my phone to listen to music and to surf the web, or mostly to play games. I am thinking of maybe getting a post paid line in order to get the same phone number incase this issue comes back again but there are other options.

I would really prefer to be more careful, I had to admit, it was pretty careless of me to lose my phone as I don’t usually lose things. But things that are beyond our control would happen at times and we don’t really know what to expect. So for now, I have created a new Email and would need to create new accounts while updating credentials for various accounts. I might even contemplate on creating a new Google account for my new Android phone when I buy one in the coming weeks. I am still hoping to gain access back to my old accounts but I would need to be ready for the worst so having plan B would be wiser.

Most social networking sites or any other type of accounts would have the option of adding security info and the most convenient one would be sending a verification code to your phone. But for the mean time, I would prefer to have an alternate email instead of sending the verification  phone to the mobile phone. It just feels safer as having access to the phone may be the greatest loop hole in a security system. But I should really be careful next time. For the mean time, it would be a busy week or two trying to update passwords and security info for all my accounts. And I am currently saving up for a new phone, I am open to any suggestions. For now… there’s a lot of things to do and more adventures to think of!