I have lost my phone a fews back and I have been using a regular non-smart phone –basically a brick phone. No it is not bricked as in unable but a brick phone. A simple phone with the basically functionalities of a mobile phone. I felt like going back to the 90s or the early 2000s during the rise of mobile phones. Long story short , I lost my phone and now, I have a cheap phone to use.

Losing my phone still pains me be as I lost a lot of things when I lost it. And since I needed a phone to get by in the modern world, I had to buy a temporary phone. It has the basic features that one would need. I can text and call and the most important part is having an alarm clock that has 3 alarms. And to expound further, I have three alarms at a 15 minute interval so ensure that I can wake up in time for work. And a 4th earlier alarm set for Mondays as I would need to beat the Monday morning rush. I would usually wake up on the first alarm but I may want to either choose to hit the snooze button or just simply hit confirm and go back to sleep. Having 3 alarms would ensure that I will not be late for work and I will be able to budget my sleep depending on how tired I get or how late I go to bed the previous day. I have had a perfect attendance for my new job so far and I plan to keep it that way to make sure that I have a good routine for my schedule.

Not being able to play games, listen to music or go online may be boring during the daily commute to and from work as I live quite far from the City. But I feel being thrown back to a simpler time as I only have a basic phone. The good thing is, I have been texting more. I have a prepaid line and I see that it is more practical this way as I have a smaller budget for my phone and more budget to spend on everything else. And I’ve always used my phone for Online games or just simply surfing the web so I have been loading mainly internet credits which came with free texts. The free texts has been going to waste as I have not been texting that much as I had other phone features at my disposal. Using social media might be the norm but at times, It just seems to impersonal. So I have been rediscovering texting and calling and basically communicating more. I just need to gain back the phone numbers of my friends. I’ve had a lot of contacts and will be able to gain them back as they have been synched to my Google account. Synching contacts to google instead of saving them on your phone is more practical in case one chooses to switch phone simply because of an upgrade or a misfortune. There are a lot of things that I need to sort out but for the time being, I had positive results from my account recoveries as I have officially regained access. So I am still looking for a new phone to buy and still open to suggestions. Looking forward to the future and more adventures to come.