I’ve had a long Journey with my Lenovo G470 laptop. It has served me well in school, work, gaming and other hobbies. It has had a solid system but I have been having problems lately. It has been a great companion since my time at the university and during my run as a freelance programmer. And since I having a different career, I’ve been looking for ways to squeeze in a bit of gaming in my life. I have been trying to get Hearthstone for my phone but it seems the game crashes on my old device. So I have installed Hearthstone on my Laptop yesterday and It has been fun with a few bumps along the way.

System requirements check

My phone has been able to run High definition games and a lot of games that needed fast reaction. I was baffled why it could’nt launch Hearthstone. And in retrospect, upon checking the system requirements for the game and my phone specs, it seems that my phone has met the minimum requirements. The game requires a 1.2 GHz processor at a recommended 1.5 GHz and a minimum of 1 GB ram at a recommended memory of 2 GB ram for both android and PC.

I guess my phone was able to install Hearthstone as it was able to meet the minimum requirements but since it only had a 1.2 GHz processor, the game had a tendency to crash during the launch. Oh well, so I had no choice but to opt for other games on my phone. So then off to the laptop. I was able to install it and play it with no issues,as most laptops would meet the recommended requirements. So I started learning Hearthstone and I was lost into it for a couple of hours.


Unable to launch

So had to go out of the house for a few hours and so I turned off the laptop. And when I came back home, I was feeling excited to play the game. But to my dismay, for some reason it would not launch at all. I even tried launch it as administrator and then had to tinker with compatibility mode — all the basic solutions for launching issues. But since it didn’t work, I had to go the folder where Hearthstone was installed and tried to launch Hearthstone directly. This time, I was able to see a pop-up saying launching Battle.net so it got my hopes up. But then then again, nothing happened after. I tried launching it again while looking at the running processes in the task manager. I was able to see that agent.exe would run and then close after a few seconds. So I decided to try running the Hearthstone exe as admin and I was seeing a bit of progress this time. And it seemed that the battlenet launcher was finally up but I was greeted with an error message this time.

The fix

It seems that the game was telling me that there was a problem trying to connect to the server and that I may need to either relaunch (which I already did a lot of times) or to try to repair or reinstall the game. I tried going to the usual repair process but after clicking on change in programs and features, nothing happened. So I had to try manually uninstall the game. But before doing anything that drastic, I tried searching online for an easier fix. But it seems I had to delete the battle.net files and perhaps the other files after in order to try to install Hearthstone again.

So i installed the game again and was able to play my new beloved game. But it seems I needed to repeat the same process again after shutting down my laptop. For now it is more likely that the problem is because of hardware issues. But i am not entirely sure. But I was able to find an easier way to. I actually had to press the windows key + R to bring up the run dialog and type in C:\ProgramData\ and then had to delete the Battle.net and Blizzard entertainment folder. And simply run the installer again. It seems that the issue is caused by a corruption of the Agent.exe process. I am still unable to find the main reason of the corruption but for now this seems to be the only fix. And now it’s time to go back and get better at Hearthstone. See you later adventurers!